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Analysis of the causes of industrial belt deviation?

Date: 2021-04-10

The reasons for the deviation of industrial belt are caused by the conveyor and the industrial belt itself. From the analysis of the conveyor, the first is that the installation of the legs and frame of the conveyor is unbalanced, not level, and not in the same straight line; the second is that the conveyor centering device does not work; from the analysis of the reasons for the belt itself, the following are the reasons:

The first is that the industrial belt itself is bent, which is not in the same straight line, so it is unqualified industrial belt. The second is that the vulcanization joint is bent when the belt is installed with the hot vulcanization joint. The fundamental reason for the belt slipping is that the friction between the belt and the roller is not enough. The specific reasons are as follows: first, the running resistance increases; second, the friction coefficient decreases; third, the belt tension decreases.

Prevention of industrial belt slipping:

To prevent the belt from slipping, we should start from two aspects: one is to strengthen the operation management and maintenance, stop the machine in time when finding the industrial belt slipping, and analyze and deal with it according to the above reasons; the other is to use the slipping protection device. In the process of tightening the belt, it is strictly forbidden to use hand or crowbar to separate the running tension car and wire rope.

It is strictly forbidden to use hands or any tools to clean the adhesive on the idler and roller during operation. First of all, from the convenience of finding the fault, the wire rope has advantages. The jumping and broken wire of the wire rope can be seen at a glance. The damage of the drive belt is not careful. I'm afraid it's difficult to find out. There is a big potential safety hazard in the garage with the drive belt lifting mode.

But if from the convenience of maintenance, just the damaged section of the belt can be replaced. But the steel wire rope is not good. To replace the whole steel wire rope, whether it is the convenience of maintenance, the cost of maintenance or the convenience of spare parts, the lifting mode of the transmission belt is obviously better than that of the steel wire rope.

When replacing the industrial belt or making the industrial belt joint, if it is necessary to start the machine to pull the industrial belt, it is strictly forbidden to operate the operator standing above the rotating part. Industrial belt deviation should be adjusted in time. When handling deviation, it is strictly forbidden to grasp the running belt of pedals. When the machine is shut down, the coal on the industrial belt should be emptied without special circumstances to avoid heavy load starting, and frequent heavy load starting is strictly prohibited.

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