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Cause analysis of longitudinal tear of synchronous belt?

Date: 2021-04-10

In the long-term application of synchronous belt, it is inevitable to encounter longitudinal tearing of the belt, cracked belt and belt surface damage. We call it the conventional damage of the belt. If it is light, it is necessary to repair the belt by cold vulcanization. If it is heavy, it is necessary to replace the belt, not only to itself, but also to the economic loss that enterprises need not to do. In order to avoid the loss of customers, a series of problems have been connected to the industrial bottom reading network. Then the reason why the synchronous belt is torn vertically?

1. Vibration shock causes the fastener to loose and fall, forming a liner plate, guide plate and other falling.

2. Foreign material mixed with the hard, angular, blocked and squeezed.

3. The idler is incomplete, and the roller support forms scratch.

4. The conveyor belt was suspended by the rack after the belt was seriously deviated.

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