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What are the common problems of synchronous belt?

Date: 2021-04-10

1. The interface of synchronous belt conveyor belt is broken. If this situation appears in the newly replaced conveyor belt, the general situation is that the conveyor belt just glued has not been completely fixed, and the roller will be tightened. It is suggested that the conveyor belt glued should not be too tight in a short time, and the super-high load will cause the disconnection at the interface. Handling method, please take the company to glue from the beginning.

2. The appearance of the conveyor belt is excessively worn. It is suggested to replace the new conveyor belt. Before replacing the conveyor belt, the main tension pulley should be loosened first, and then the conveyor belt should be removed. Do not force the conveyor belt to reduce the probability of machine damage.

3. The conveyor belt is slipping. This situation may be that the drum is too old. It is suggested that the drum should be replaced or coated with glue, and the conveyor belt should be fixed to the surface of the drum, which can not only add friction coefficient, extend the service life of the drum and conveyor belt, but also improve the production efficiency.

4. The timing belt deviates. First, check whether the drum is at the same level, and then check whether the conveyor belt interface is deviated. If the belt deviation is not serious, it can be prevented by welding iron blocks on both sides of the frame. If the belt deviation is serious, and the belt itself is not straight, it can require the belt company to install a new belt from the beginning.

Treatment of wear of synchronous belt

1. Partial hot vulcanization skills: select vulcanizing machine for hot vulcanization. As for the worn parts of joints, the use of hot vulcanization skills can recover the function of conveyor belt, which has a good effect; the disadvantage is that the investment of manpower and material resources is large, and only suitable for the treatment of parts smaller than the surface area of vulcanized plate. The treatment of large area wear is very difficult.

2. Part of the cold vulcanization skills: after grinding the worn parts, apply the cold vulcanizate evenly to the worn surface of the belt according to the proportion to recover the function of the conveyor belt, but the curing time is long, and the cleaning effect is not good after the cleaner is put into operation.

3. Part of the cold stick skills: generally use imported repair strip, with wear resistance and better reinforcement function, can not recover to the original surface of the conveyor belt, cleaning function of the cleaner is not good. But on the occasion of high equipment utilization rate, the limitation of cold effective development of vulcanization skills.

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